Is my period normal?

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Will Wear ’em Out pads leak?

We’ve poured tonnes of care and attention into creating reusable period pads that perform as you’d hope they would. We’ve chosen fabrics that will keep you feeling dry, that will absorb a high level of liquid and that will be leak-resistant. Furthermore, our double popper helps to maintain a secure fit.

The unique Wear ‘em Out design

We call this ‘The Clever Stuff’.

Our pads are produced in the UK and are made of breathable fabrics with double-binding edges. These edges block leaks, while the breathable fabrics allow moisture to evaporate. The less moisture, the less bacteria. And as it’s bacteria that causes odour, there’s no need for perfumes or harmful chemicals.

First there’s the leak resistant under layer with double nickel-free poppers. This layer is practical but it’s also beautiful, it’s the part printed with our original or wave designs. Then comes a microfibre layer for absorbency, the moisture wicking inner layer and finally the ‘double double’ binding to lock in moisture.

All in all, we’ve done the science, so you don’t have to. But remember, just like normal pads, you’ll need to change your Wear ‘em Out pads to avoid leaks. How frequently you need to change them will depend on how heavy your flow is. After a few days of using the pads, you’ll soon have the measure of things.

Putting Wear ‘em Out reusable period pads to the test

During an average period, women and people who period lose between 60ml and 80ml of blood. It can often feel like you are bleeding more than this, but without a cup it can be hard to measure. Those with problematic periods can often bleed more.

We regularly get asked how much blood our pads will hold, so we took a Medium Flo Pad(ideal for normal flows, those business-as-usual period days) and a Mega Flo Pad (your go-to for those slightly heavier-than-usual days) and put them to the test!

We started our experiment by pouring 30mls of water onto the Medium Flo Pad. That’s half an average monthly loss onto one pad. The pad easily absorbed the water. Nothing came out, even when we applied some pressure to replicate sitting on it. The back was still bone dry!

We repeated the same test on the Mega Flo Pad but using 50mls of water, and the results were the same.

Obviously you wouldn’t bleed 30ml in one go babe, and you would be changing your pads regularly. But we hope this showcases just how leak-resistant Wear ‘em Out pads are. You can watch the full experiment HERE.

We were picky as hell about the fabrics, the size and thickness and the stability of our pads so that you can get on with life confidently. With one less thing to worry about.

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