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The scary switch to eco washing detergent (why does it feel scary?)

I have to confess that the heavy weight of environmental guilt is palpable in the air all around.

I feel it all day everyday and it’s a battle to constantly remind myself that it’s OK, that I’m still learning and that that is OK, that every small change I make in my life is a change for good, that I am indeed contributing. I often remind myself that if everyone made small daily changes whilst keeping their minds open to other changes they can be making, then we are heading in the right direction.

I had a message this morning from a friend asking me about how I found the Soap Nuts (little nuts you put in your wash to replace detergent) I’d been using. I replied with ‘yea they’re ok but they escape the little bag you put them in and you end up finding little nuts all over the house’ (first world problems I know) so I suggested she tried the Eco egg, I said I found it ok but still had to use vanish on most stains and that I missed the heady ‘clean cotton’ freshness of my usual detergent.

I am well aware that it’s about adjusting to the new normal, to maybe not expect the eco products to stand up to the chemical infused detergents of the past and to lower my washing standards and then my friend said ‘but my whites all look grey, my clothes are full of stains and so my clothes won’t last as long’ (if you want to know more about the importance of wearing our clothes longer have a listen to my podcast episode with Jade aka @notbuyingnew, it’s an education)

My friend is right and if I’m totally honest I miss the fresh – chemical – smell of my old detergent.

I mean, we could just get over it and walk around in greys and stains being grateful that we even have clothes, but that’s not what we’re conditioned to do, and it’s this conditioning that’s causing conflict, good news is, it’s conflict we can find a solution to.

Surely we will get used to the fact that our washing doesn’t come out of the machine smelling of a fresh meadow right, for the good of our planet, right?

I suggested maybe we could get the eco detergent from Ecover, the one that you can then refill at a refill station, a station we’ll have to drive half an hour to, adding to our carbon footprint FFS And then I remembered I’d been told that Ecover and Method, the slightly more affordable and easily attainable of all the options is no longer eco FFFFFS.

In December, mainstream eco and cruelty-free brands Ecover and Method were bought by SC Johnson – a US company that openly admits to testing on animals and owns other non Naturewatchendorsed household cleaning brands such as Duck, Shout, Glade, Pledge and Windex – www.ethicalconsumer.org

So now I’m back to square one, looking for an alternative, feeling like I have some weird tug of war going on in my head, this is my current battle; ‘It’s ok Lauren, just stick with the egg, its the cheapest and friendliest option, be grateful you have clothes, stains and all’ VS ‘It’s only washing liquid, you only do a few washes a week, you’re little less liquid is not going to save the planet’

Change is hard and changing habits of a lifetime is harder still, it’s a psychological process, it can’t be rushed and it can be exhausting, but we have to stay open to the change, we have to research (alongside, life) and we have to implement change, but man, it’s not easy for sure.

I’m here to help.

I’ve done a quick search and have found a website called ethicalsuperstore.com and they have lots of eco/affordable options for washing amongst a tonne of other household eco switches, and just like that, I was excited again.

Also, I really need to get out more

Thanks for reading, if you have any other recommendations for household cleaners please feel free to share with us all, sharing is caring babe.

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