The one with Jen Gale

In this episode I’m really excited to chat to Jen Gale. Jen is a font of all knowledge in the Sustainable(ish) world, having written two books on the topic The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and her new book The Sustainablie(ish) Living Guide to Green Parenting Jen is clear on the idea that something is better than nothing and that we are all waling our own eco path in our own time.

Jen’s website ‘a sustainable life’ hosts the home of ‘easy, everyday sustainability for the #imperfectlygreen’ and her membership Knackered Mums Eco Club is gaining huge momentum with people who are in search of a non-judgemental and welcoming space to explore their eco options 

Jen comfortably educates and empowers people to become more conscious around their sustainability, while openly sharing on the podcast the areas in her life where she isn’t so eco driven and how she feels about that

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