The one about being enough

It’s pretty fair to say that I’m not a huge ‘public’ eco-activist and I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to be a public eco-activist to still be an eco-activist, and to tell you that however much eco-action you’re taking it’s ok.In this epidote I share about my fragile mental health right now and why I’m not emotionally available to take on all the eco fights. I consider myself a silent activist, if you’re wondering how silent activism can still support sustainability this is the episode for you.I talk about how you can also be (and probably already are) a silent activist in a way that is comfortable to you are, and in a way that keeps your emotions steady. It’s ok to not watch all the climate change documentaries, it’s ok to not rally the troops and it’s ok to not be the one to take down the masses.Find your place in the eco-active world and make peace with the work that you do, because I am sure, what you’re doing is enough.

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