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Why switch to Wear ‘em Out reusable period pads?

Are you sitting on the fence about making the switch to reusable period pads?

We had the same concerns once, as did majority of our customers before they became part of the #TeamWEO community. There’s the ick factor, and the ‘oh no I couldn’t it’s so gross’ that initially puts many people off switching to reusable.

But take yourself back to when you first started your period. You faced the choice of using tampons or disposable period pads, and you had a number of concerns.

Oh my god how do I use it? How do I know when to change it? What do I do with it when its finished? Will it hold my flow?”

The questions you have now about reusable period pads are likely to be the same ones you faced when you started using disposables. And just like then, it’s about taking the time to research, learn and try.

Let’s start with WHY you should switch. To help you make an informed decision here are our top four reasons for making the switch to reusable period pads.

The power to save the planet is in your pants

We’re becoming a more eco conscious society and starting to look at our everyday items in a new light. Discovering how we can switch them out.

The shocking fact is that 200,000 tonnes of menstural waste hits the landfill each year in the UK. And when it hits landfill it takes 500-800 years to decompose.

Seagulls on landfill

So, a behaviour shift is vital if we’re going to protect our planet for future generations. Here at Wear ‘em Out we’re not eco warriors. We’re eco curious, and we acknowledge that it’s time we did better.

We all have the power to create change. Whether that change is switching out 1 disposable pad to 1 reusable pad a month or switching out all your disposable products for reusable ones, change is change and together our combined switches will make a huge global environmental change for good.

Wear ’em Out pads can manage your period not just once, but again and again. Helping you take a giant leap toward cutting your personal contribution to landfills.

You want a toxic free life

Equally staggering and scary is that disposables can contain up to 3,000 harmful toxins. And these chemicals are being absorbed into an area as sensitive as our eyeballs⁠.

We have been using these products based our faith in the big brands, when they are in fact having real detrimental effects on our health.

Womensvoices.org have done extensive research on this subject. They have called out what we should all be told when buying these products; that many of the disposable product on sale contain carcinogens, reproductive toxicants, neurotoxins and irritants. Chemicals which can affect our fertility and cause period problems, endometriosis and polycystic ovaries.

This is information we need to enable us to make informed choices around our menstrual products. But in the UK there is no current legislation that states the manufactures of disposable period products need to list the ingredients on the packets. That’s worrying in itself.

Our reusable period pads don’t contain any harmful toxins so you can rest assured and period without fear.

We did a survey of 905 people and 88.3% said they had a more positive period experience since swapping to our reusable period pads. 81.3% changed their pads less often than disposables. We continually get feedback like this from people that experience less cramps and/or bleed for a shorter amount of time since using our products… reports that we believe back up the findings made by Womensvoices.org.

Period peace of mind

Wear ‘em Out reusable period pads are made using high-quality fabrics which are high in absorbency. Each of our pads has been carefully designed using a different combination of fabrics to enable us to keep the pad as thin as possible whilst still offering maximum absorbency for the job in hand.

Wear' em Out reusable pad

With the winged, two popper design, our pads offer maximum security with minimum movement, so you can be confident they’re taking care of business, whether you’re chairing a meeting or binging on box sets,  confidence, and comfort is as important to us as it is to you, we’ve got your back on both counts.

You’ll be quids-in with reusable pads

On average women use 22 menstrual products per period. That’s 792 products over 3 years.

And that all adds up hitting you in the pocket. When using disposable menstrual products, you are literally throwing money in the bin. If you have a good stock (around 6-12) of our reusable period pads, and if you care for them as we recommend they can last up to 3 years, this means that your initial investment will mean no more throwing money in the bin and will be saving you money in the long-term. Why not save your cash for something more exciting.

96.8% of 905 people asked said they wished they had made the switch the sooner.  

So, what are you waiting for babes? Make the switch.

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