Hey bright young thing, welcome to Wear ‘em Out’s student discount, reusable period pads for modern living with comfort and confidence at the forefront  Did you know that 200,000 tons of menstrual waste is currently hitting UK landfill per year?  

I know, right? Shocking! Worse still, 4.8 pieces are being found per 100m of British beaches being cleaned (disposable menstrual products should never be flushed),  they are made up of 90% single use plastic and are reported to contain up to 3,000 harmful chemicals .

We know you’re conscious about the health and environment of our planet, and you’re own personal

health, and that you are actively looking for ways to live in a more responsible, sustainable way, this is why we’ve teamed up with Student Beans to offer you 10% off our reusable period pads, helping making the switch a little easier and your conscience a little lighter. Let’s create a habit where we all Wear ‘em Out rather than throw ‘em out. Together we can turn the tide on period waste

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