Mega Flo Pad


Sold as a single pad

Our Mega Flo reusable period pad is your go-to for those heavier-than-usual days or those business-as-usual days, a bit of extra confidence when you need it most.

88.3% of 900 people asked said they had noticed a positive change in their periods since wearing our reusable pads

Our pads attach to your underwear the same way a disposable would, they have wings with double nickel-free poppers for a nice secure fit and come in a choice of Navy or Light Grey

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4 reviews for Mega Flo Pad

  1. Sarah Finch (verified owner)

    These pads were amazing, so unbelievably comfortable. No rubbing, no moving in the day. I forgot I was wearing anything. No smell and amazing absorbency. I 100% recommend ????

  2. Charlotte (verified owner)

    I will never go back to disposable pads. These are so comfortable, no leaks at all, very secure and easy to clean. Perfect for heavier flow days.

    • Lauren

      What more could you ask for form a reusable pad right, thank you so much Charlotte for your review – Team WEO

  3. Hannah Sawbridge (verified owner)

    These are great! Will never go back to using disposable pads regularly. These are designed better than other reusable pads too. I find other brands don’t fit to the panties properly, these are much better! And much more discrete. Very happy with these, have bought more!

    • Lauren

      Wow what a fantastic review, thank you so much Hannah for taking the time to feedback, it really is so appreciated – Team WEO

  4. Kim Gregory (verified owner)

    Best I have tried. Really comfortable, I forget I am wearing them. Use these for my oops moments and I wish I had been able to get hold of these when I was young enough to have periods. The two metal snaps holds the pad exactly where you put it, no bulky plastic snaps. They stay in place exactly where you put them in you undies, unlike others I have tried that end to goodness knows where. I bought 2 to try them, I now have 9 and will be buying more and have recommended them to my daughter. I am really impressed with these pads.

    • Lauren

      This is so good to hear Kim, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review, and for recommending us to your daughter 🤩 – Lauren

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Sizes and Fabrics

Here are the sizes of our pads and bags

Mini Flo 6.3 cm (2.45 Inches) wide at the middle and 17.5 cm (6.8 Inches) long
Medium Flo 6.5 cm (2.55 Inches) wide at the middle and 22 cm (8.6 Inches) long
Mega Flo 7 cm (2.75 Inches) wide at the middle and 26 cm (10.25 Inches) long
Mega Mega Flo 7.5 cm (2.95 Inches) wide at the middle and 29 cm (11.4 Inches) long
Out And About Bag Open 28cm (11 Inches) to 36cm (14.2 Inches) wide by 15.5 cm (6.2 Inches) high and when folded 14 cm (5.5 Inches) to 18cm (7.1 Inces) wide by 15.5 cm (6.2 Inches) deep
Storage Bag 36 cm (14.2 Inches) wide and 22.5 cm (8.75 Inches) deep

All sizes are provided for guidance, exact sizes may vary slightly as our products are hand made

Here are the fabrics used in our pads and bags

All Pads

Printed layer – 100% Breathable Polyester
Internal layers – 57% Bamboo, 28% Cotton 15% Polyamide
Top layer – 50% Modal 50% Polyester
Ribbing – 98% Organic combed Cotton, 2% Lycra

Out And About Bag and Storage Bag

100% Breathable Polyester

Washing and Care Instructions

Wear ’em Out Reusable Period Pads

Be sure to give your pads a good rinse in cold water when you take them off to minimise staining, whilst our fabric is stain resistant, it can still happen (the Light Grey option is more likely to show stains if this bothers you, maybe stick to our Navy pads).
When you’re ready to wash your pads, you can wash them by hand (throw them in the shower with you for ease) or you can throw them in with the rest of your laundry (up to 40°C). Your usual detergent will be fine, but don’t use fabric softener, as this will affect the pads’ absorbency.

Top Tip – If you want to tackle any stains naturally, 4 tbs of bicarbonate of soda mixed with 60ml of cold water make a great stain removing paste, rinse stain in cold water to remove blood, apply the paste and leave to it work for 3 hours, then wash as normal. We recommend that your pads are put through a washing machine cycle at the end of your period, then flattened out to dry.

To dry them, we recommend hanging them up to air-dry, hanging them in an airing cupboard is fine if you have one, but don’t put them on direct heat or into a tumble dryer as this may cause shrinkage.

Wear ’em Out Bags

Our bags can be washed in the same way as our reusable pads, throw them in the same wash as your pads at the end of your cycle or at any time.

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