Reusable Sanitary Pads

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How do Wear ’em Out pads attach?

We put A LOT of thought into the design of Wear ‘em Out reusable sanitary pads.

In fact, we spent 10 months designing and testing our pads before they were launched.

We handpicked fabrics of the highest quality and sourced a reputable factory in the U.K. During the whole development process, we weren’t shy in saying ‘let’s adjust that’ or ‘let’s try it this way’, then making adjustments as needed. Because our focus was on creating a high quality product, a reusable sanitary pad that is fit for purpose in our busy modern lives.

As a result, Wear ’em Out has a selection of slimline, comfortable, hard-working reusable sanitary pads. Each made with a different combination of fabrics to ensure it performs to the highest standard for the requirement needed.

From everyday freshness panty liners, to medium absorbency for standard bleeds and bladder weakness right through to the heavy demand of a post birth bleed.

They’re unbelievably easy to use

Honestly, it couldn’t be any easier.

Our pads have wings which attach in exactly the same way as they would on disposables.

Each reusable sanitary pad has two nickel free poppers which you simply fasten under the gusset of your knickers. Keeping the pad securely in place. 

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

When you’re wearing our reusable sanitary pads we’d recommend a nice tight fitting, lycra brief over a thong. But other than that, there’s no rules. Simply whack ‘em in and Wear ‘em Out!

Oh, and they’re comfortable too

We bet you’ve experienced it. A disposable that rubbed or moved around. Or had sticky wings that stuck to things they REALLY shouldn’t get stuck to.

But because Wear em’ Out reusable sanitary pads use poppers to ensure the pad stays in place, there’ll be none of the annoying sticking, moving around or scrunching you get with disposables.

Our pads won’t cause any irritation and are super comfortable to wear.

All our pads have the same design but are available in a range sizes for the various flows that we all experience. Mini – for the barely-there days, everyday freshness & bladder weakness through to the Mega Mega. The boss for heavy days, night-time and post-birth. Choose the pads that suits you!⁠

A quick note on exercise…

Our reusable sanitary pads are designed for everyday wear and so are not intended for exercise.

You are free to try them out when you’re exercising or playing sport, but we’d recommend that you tuck upwards into the inner thigh crease. And that you wear tight-fitting underwear. 

We take no responsibility should they cause any discomfort or harm during exercise. If you feel any discomfort of any kind we recommend ending the use of the pads whilst you exercise.

We said it was easy! So, as soon as you make the decision to switch, you’ll be good to go babes. Visit the shop.

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