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We’re on a mission: Wear ‘em Out Educational Packs

Ever since Wear ‘em Out launched in early 2020 education has played a large part in our business. Every day we’re talking about the why’s and the how’s of reusable period pads. Providing information on menstrual health, researching and sharing stats and highlighting the environmental impact of disposable period products.

Many of our customers would never have considered switching to reusable period pads until they discovered the shocking fact that 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste hits the landfill each year in the UK. Or learnt that disposables can contain up to 3,000 harmful toxins. Now they are our biggest supporters!

It’s really important to us that the next generation are also educated in alternative reusable options. They are the ones who are championing the change. But they can’t do this without the relevant information and an introduction to what else is available.

Champion Chanzige

From the very beginning we have partnered with Champion Chanzige. A charity doing amazing work in Tanzania with their mensuration hygiene workshops.

The money raised from our Starter Packs, and the donations of our reusable period pads that have been donated through our ‘Gift a Pad’ scheme. Ensuring that these workshops can reach many young girls and creating much needed and necessary education.

The workshop is offered to increase awareness in menstrual hygiene management and education, sexual reproductive health education, and child protection issues among adolescents girls. 

This will improve girls attendance rate at school and reduce truancy due to lack of menstrual periods, which forces them to stay home until the end of their period.

Also, it will reduce drop-outs due to early pregnancies and marriages which happens due to lack of sexual reproductive health education among adolescents girls whilst also, reducing violence against children which happen due to lack of child protection education (girls rights, types of violence, how to report them).

This training will increase the girls confidence while they’re at school and increase the girls participation to social and education issues and improve performance among girls.” – Champion Chanzige

We’re so proud to be part of this work. And we’re delighted to now be expanding the ways in which we support menstrual education…

Educational Packs

Imagine if our future young people seamlessly went into eco-friendlier periods before getting too dependent on disposables. What a huge impact this would make on both their physical and our planetary health and wellbeing.

It’s our mission to make this happen.

So, we’ve created an Educational Pack that can be used within learning environments. A resource which will strike up a much needed conversation around periods.

What’s included in the Educational Pack?

Our educational packs come with a free downloadable PDF full of the why’s, the how’s. As well as some useful resources that will educate audience’s in the benefits of using reusables. Meaning that they’ll be able to make informed choices when the time comes.

We’ve also included a sample demo kit of our reusable period pads. Which means that they can be passed around. We want everyone to have the opportunity to see that they are really not that scary. That actually, they’re really kinda cool!

Our demo kits contain;

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

1 x Mini Flo Pad – The Mini Flo is our lightweight daily liner for those barely-there, no-drama period days.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

1 X Medium Flo Pad – Our regular flow pad is your go-to for those in-between, business-as-usual period days.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

1 x Washbag – The pouch has 2 individual sections, one side labelled ‘wear me’ and the other labelled ‘wash me’, it does what it says on the tin. It has a single zip across the top and poppers on the side making a secure seal and a size reducing option.

We wish we could provide these packs free of charge. As we’re a young, growing business this just isn’t possible yet. But we are able to offer them at a heavily reduced price.

To order a pack simply email lauren@wearemout.co.uk from your educational work email.

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