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It’s time for change and we need your help!

Making a difference to period education

We’ve got a big challenge on our hands, but it’s one we’re not backing down from – and one we’d like YOU (and all your mates) to help us with.

The way period education is taught to young people in education settings, and the options they’re given needs updating. More often than not, young people are only told about disposable period products, reusable options including period pants, menstrual cups, and even reusable period pads are not offered as a viable option to manage menstruation. 

So when our recent survey found that 2 out of 5 (40.83%) of us learnt about periods at school, with over a third (34%) learning about types of protection at senior school, we realised that this where change desperately needed to happen. 

Things need to change

Our research also found that most people are aged between 31-40 years old when they make the switch to reusables, with many stating they weren’t even aware of the option prior to this age. With menstruation starting from as young as 12, that leaves 18 years (yes 18 years!), where reusable and more sustainable options are not being used. 

Data has also shown that menstrual waste from disposable products is ever growing, and WEN research indicates that half of the people who period in the UK use disposable products and flush tampons and sanitary pads away. This means that 1.5-2 billion menstrual items are flushed down Britain’s toilets each year. If we don’t raise awareness of reusable products, this number will continue to grow.

The introduction of the Governments Period Product Scheme for all schools and colleges in England provides free products to people that period in their place of study. We thought this was a great idea – however, despite reusable products being included in the list of items available through the scheme, only 44% of ordering organisations bought environmentally friendly or reusable products in 2022. That’s 56% of settings that haven’t – it’s clear there is lots of work to be done. 

By opening up period education, the UK can make huge steps to change the impact that period products have on the planet and the UK waste system. Young people deserve to be given all the information to allow them to make informed choices about what’s right for them.

We need YOU (and your mates)!

We need change, and we need it now. So instead of standing on our soap box moaning about it, we’ve taken the bull by the horns and in true Wear ‘Em Out style we’re going for it.

Wear ‘Em Out is calling for the UK Government to make changes to how young people are taught about periods, and we need you to make this happen.

We’ve launched a petition to get the changes needed on the agenda and hopefully see them made, so that a wider choice is taught to young people when they learn about how to handle periods. 

With your signature and support we can make the government listen and ensure that reusable period products are taught as an option. Help us make a change happen by signing here (we need 100,000 signatures so please spread this petition far and wide) : Make reusable period product education mandatory for all schools – Petitions (

Thank you so much, Lauren xx

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