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One reusable period pad will change your period game

Ok, so that heading might seem dramatic, but seriously, that’s exactly what happened recently.

I was at an event and I got talking to a friend of a friend. She has followed Wear ‘em Out (Me) on Instagram for ages, but hadn’t felt able to make the switch to reusable period pads. Heavy periods, busy lifestyle, three small kids and a business to run not to mention the phycological shift that needs to happen to allow for change. No headspace. And I get that.

As we were chatting I realised, that all she needed was one pad. I was so confident that just one pad will be all she needs to see (and feel) the benefits of our reusable pads, and that she would come running (yes running) back for more, so I gifted her one. A brand new one that I had in my work bag not one of my well-loved, well-worn ones obvs.

I invited her to try it. No pressure, no expectation. I suggested that maybe on the last day of her next period when her flow had slowed down a bit, a day when she had planned on staying home, just to get a feel for it, and to see how she felt cleaning it, if she hated it, no problem, if she loved it (I was confident she would, did I already say that?), bingo!

When we next met at a networking event I asked her how she got on, the huge grin that crept across her face told me all I needed to know, I had been right to feel confident, she LOVED it, and even admitted that her hesitation had been unnecessary, in fact she said ‘why didn’t I do this sooner’ (a sentence I hear a lot from our customers on Trustpilot).

She had done as I had suggested, starting slow with just one pad, and on the evening after wearing the pad for a few hours, she went on to the website, and bought herself a starter pack. She was converted, and I was punching the air with a ‘I told you’ excitement, excited that I had called it so well, and excited that another customer was on their way to changing the game when they period

Just one pad.

That’s where it all starts.

And from now on, she will no longer be contributing to the 200,000 tons of menstrual waste that is produced every year in the UK alone (I know, I never fail to be shocked by that stat)

She will no longer have to worry about buying chemical laden disposable pads every month, instead of *12p per wear of a disposable pad, she’ll  instead be investing around 0.06p per wear in our reusable pads

And it all started with just one pad.

If you are reading this and you are still on the fence.  Take up the one pad challenge. Grab one pad (the toughest part of this challenge is choosing which of our 4 lush designs to have), just grab one and pop it in your basket

And babes, I want to support your transition and make it as easy for you as possible, so I’ve got a discount code for you that’ll give you free UK shipping, you’ve really got nothing to loose

On ordering, when you get promoted to, create an account, apply the code JOP, checkout and know that you’re on your way to a better period.

And if you are already converted (thank you btw). Why not invite your friends to join the challenge, or donate a pad to someone in need via our Donate a Pad option

In February we are all about the #onepadchallenge

*based on an Always Normal pad

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