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How much does a period really cost? | Let’s Talk Numbers

  • £10 – the average amount a woman spends on disposable period protection each month
  • £2,160 – the average amount of money we spend on disposable period products in the 18 years before making a switch to reusables (the average age of someone starting their period is 12 and the average age of someone making the switch is around 30 years old – so that’s 18 years of disposable use)
  • £5,000 – the amount of money women & people who period spend on disposable products throughout their menstrual lifetime
  • 4,752 – the number of disposable products used by each person in that 18 years that has ended up in landfill (based on using 22 products per period)
  • 800 – the number of years it takes for an average disposable product to decompose
  • 2 billion – the number of menstrual items flushed down Britain’s toilets each year (according to WEN research)
  • £88 million – the amount of our hard-earned taxes spent each year unblocking sewers blocked by menstrual products
  • 4.8 – the number of pieces of menstrual waste found per 100m of British beaches
change ahead

Now let me give you some nicer numbers:

  • £120 – the amount of money our pad wearers save each year by switching to reusable products – money in the bank, who can complain about that!
  •  £10 – the average cost of a Wear ‘em Out pad that will last you 3+ years
  •  4 – the number of interest free payment instalments you can make with Clearpay to spread the initial investment cost
  •  7,733,088 – the number of disposable products that Wear ‘em Out has potentially saved from being dumped into land waste (or the sea) since we launched in 2020

The sense of pride and achievement we share at being able to do this and save the planet, one pad at a time – priceless!

Reusable period pads

It might sound corny, but its true. We get contacted by satisfied customers every day telling us how much they enjoy wearing our pads.

How they wish they had made the switch sooner. This fills our hearts with so much joy.

Because, if we as a collective (that’s a royal ‘we’ as in us as a business, you as a user and
supporter of Wear ‘em Out, and our soon to be customers (you know you’re going to order them ;-) !), can make a difference to the way we think about period protection, then the legacy we can leave for our children and future generations will be considerable.

Our wearers choose our pads for many reasons, but there are three key factors we hear
time and time again.

Firstly, it’s a sustainability decision.

Wearers want to protect our planet and see this as one way of doing their bit.

Secondly, it’s a choice to use products that are free from perfumes, chemicals and other harmful toxins and much kinder to our bodies, especially those extra-sensitive bits down below.

Lastly, it’s a cost factor. Knowing that the cost per use for one of our pads is just 0.06p compared to 12p for the average disposable pad means choosing reusable products helps us save money too.

So come ‘on. What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to make the switch, starting with just one pad is a great way to do it as explained in this blog ‘One reusable period pad will change your period game’

PS: If you’re as passionate as we are about reusable products, could we kindly ask you to sign our petition?

If you haven’t already seen it, we are petitioning the Government to make reusable products a mandatory part of sex education in schools. At the moment, there is no requirement and many young people are still just being told about disposable tampons and

We want to get this changed to ensure our young people have a choice and are more aware of all the options available to them. You can sign the petition here and please share it among friends and family. Thank you for your support.

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