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How many Wear ’em Out reusable period pads will I need?

You’re ready to make the switch to reusable period pads, and we’re excited to add another member to #teamWEO!

But you’ve hit a hurdle in the shopping process.

You need to know how many Wear ‘em Out reusable period pads you should start with.

We’ve got you babes.

The number of pads you need will come down to your personal needs, personal budget and whether you were planning on wearing reusable pads exclusively. Or if you were going to mix it up with a cup and some eco-disposables.

But when buying your pads, the two main things you need to factor in are;

  • How heavy your flow is and how often you are going to need to change your pads. It’s important to note here that our customers tell us that they change Wear ‘em Out pads less than they would a disposable. This is because they are more absorbent, and they don’t irritate or smell bad.
  • Whether you’re going to hand wash or machine wash your pads. With wash and wear the turnaround is much quicker, meaning less stock. If you’re saving them all up to machine wash them you’re going to need a larger stock to allow for the drying time. We’ve actually written a really handy guide on washing and drying your pads that will help you decide the best option for your lifestyle. You can read it HERE.

Overall, we would recommend that your start off with 3 to 4 pads. Then build up to a full stock of around 12 pads.

Getting started with reusable period pads

You have various options when buying Wear ’em Out pads. From individual pads to a choice of 3 different packs.

If you’re looking to switch just when you’re at home or just at night-time take a look at one of our Starter Packs. They’re the perfect way to get a strong start in the reusable game.

We have a Lighter Starter Pack for lighter flows. Or a Heavier Starter Pack for, yep you guessed it, heavier flows. Both packs have a selection of pads and come in our Original Print or Ocean Wave.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

For extra feel good, 5% of the profits from these packs are donated to our partner charity Champion Chanzige who are doing amazing work with teens in Tanzania.

Making the full-time switch

If you’re all in and ready to make a full-time switch then we’d recommend our pick and mix Bumper Pack. A collection of 12 reusable period pads, starting from our lightest flow to our heaviest flow which you can pick and mix and completely personalise to fit you, your lifestyle and your periods.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

Available in our Original Design or in Ocean Wave.

This should cover your full cycle for many years to come. But you can top this up with a few more pads, if you feel the need.

Where do you keep them all?

This is where our fabulous Wear ’em Out Storage Bags come in!

From our smallest Mini Flo, right up to our largest Mega-Mega Flo, our storage bags have been designed to fit all our pads in. With enough capacity to take care of your whole stock.

Wear 'em Out Storage Bag

Our Storage Bags come in the Original, Ocean Wave and the FIERCE Collection prints. Simply select your choice when adding the item to your bag.

If you’d like to talk to us more to get help selecting your pads then drop us an email

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