How it works

Don’t stress about using your pad when you’re out and about, this is where the washbag comes in, we’ve always got your back

Watch the video to find out just how simple changing on the go is.

The Clever Stuff

Our pads are produced in the UK and made of breathable fabrics with double-binding edges. These edges block leaks, while the breathable fabrics allow moisture to evaporate. The less moisture, the less bacteria. And as it’s bacteria that causes odour, there’s no need for perfumes or harmful chemicals.

Get the most from your pads

Taking care of your pads is easy, when you look after them, and have a good enough stock, they’ll last up to four years. Let’s tackle our throwaway culture. Buy once, buy right, wear ’em out.

Throw them in with the rest of your wash and normal detergent – up to 40oC, or hand wash them as you go (we wash ours in the shower with us)

Don’t use fabric softener, as this will affect the absorbent technology.

Hang them up to air-dry, don’t apply any direct heat, this may cause shrinkage

Get Started

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. These two kits are a great way to get started.