Let's Educate

It’s really important to us that the next generation are being educated in alternative reusable options for when they period. They are the ones who are championing the change and they can’t do this without the relevant information and an introduction to what else is available

We’ve created an educational pack that can be used in a learning environment and will strike up much needed conversation around periods

Imagine if our future young women seamlessly went into eco-friendlier periods before getting too dependant on disposables, what a huge impact that would make on both their physical and our planetary health and wellbeing

Our educational kits come with a free downloadable PDF full of the why’s, the how’s and some useful resources that will get your audience educated in the benefits of using reusables, meaning that they’ll be able to make informed choices when the time comes

We’ve also included a *demo kit so our reusable period pads can be passed around giving everyone the opportunity to see that they are really not that scary and that actually, they’re really kinda cool

Our demo kits contain;

1 x Mini Flo Pad – The Mini Flo is our lightweight daily liner for those barely-there, no-drama period days. Also, perfect for bladder leaks, and non-period days when you just want to feel a little fresher.

1 X Medium Flo Pad – Our regular flow pad is your go-to for those in-between, business-as-usual period days and can also be used for leaky bladder days.

1 x Mega Flo Pad – Our Mega Flo pad is your go-to for those heavier-than-usual days or those business-as-usual days, a bit of extra confidence when you need it most.

1 x Washbag – The pouch has 2 individual sections, one side labeled ‘wear me’ and the other labeled ‘clean me’, it does what it says on the tin. It has a single zip across the top and poppers on the side making a secure seal and a size reducing option.

*for educational purposes our demo kits come with a 20% discount when being used in a learning environment, the total cost is £26.37

Email hello@wearemout.co.uk for more info