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Do I need specific underwear when using reusable period pads?

From big cotton briefs to small lacy thongs, the options are endless when it comes to underwear types.

But as much as we may want to wear knickers with flattering cuts and fun colours all month long, we have to be practical here. A G-string just isn’t going to offer the most secure fit to hold reusable sanitary pads in place. And whilst our design has factored in security (hello wings with double poppers) and we have allowed enough fabric (whilst keeping it to a minimum) for the pad to hold up to the job⁠ if you’re in the thong-wearing camp, this would be a great time to treat yourself to some sexy monthly knickers that’ll work perfectly with your new pads.

How Wear ‘em Out reusable sanitary pads attach

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing your underwear is how Wear ‘em Out pads work. Similar to disposable pads, you put reusable sanitary pads into your underwear and attach the popper wings on the underside. For a secure fit our reusable sanitary pads like to have something to grab onto!

Size matters

What you’re using your pad for, and therefore what size pad you’re wearing, should also be taken into consideration when it comes to your choice of underwear.

For example, our Mini Flo Reusable Period Pads are a lightweight daily liner for those barely-there, no-drama period days. Perfect for bladder leaks, and non-period days when you just want to feel a little fresher. They’re only 6.3 cm (2.45 Inches) wide at the middle and 17.5 cm (6.8 Inches) long and so could be used with a smaller knicker.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

Whereas the Mega-Mega Flo Period Pad is our maximum flow pad for heavy daytime flows, all-through-the-night flows, and even post-birth flows. It’s 7.5 cm (2.95 Inches) wide at the middle and 29 cm (11.4 Inches) long and so will need a bigger pant.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

The perfect match

Many fashion guru’s say that to look and feel your best in any outfit, you need to start with the right knickers. When wearing our pads, we recommend that the right knickers are high-lycra, tight-fitting briefs with a sturdy gusset to minimise movement.

⁠⁠Occasionally some people find that synthetic materials like lycra trap heat and moisture, causing discomfort. Especially if wearing them too often or for too long a stretch. However, this won’t occur when worn with our pads. Wear ‘em Out pads are made of breathable fabrics, with a moisture wicking layer and double-binding edges. These edges block leaks, while the breathable fabrics allow moisture to evaporate. We’ve deliberately chosen fabrics that will keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Wear' em Out reusable pad

Furthermore, less moisture means less bacteria. And as it’s bacteria that causes odour, so there’s no need for perfumes or harmful chemicals in our products.

If high-lycra, tight-fitting briefs isn’t your thing, don’t worry babes. When it comes down to it, you need to choose underwear that makes you feel good. We’d just recommend that it is a style that is both supportive and comfortable for your body. Sounds like a no-brainer, sure. But everybody’s preference is different, and you want underwear that works for you.

Whether it’s boy shorts or bikini cut.

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