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How do I change my Wear ‘em Out pad when I’m out?

Wear ’em Out reusable period pads are quick and easy to change whilst on the go. We’ve literally thought through and perfected every element of using our pads, so that you can use them with confidence. We’ve always got your back babes!

reusable period pads review

Our Out and About Bag is designed to carry both your clean and used pads. It slips seamlessly into your bag and doesn’t sound a klaxon when you take it out to pop to the loo. Which means you’ll never need to stress about using your pad when you’re on the go.

Firstly, take the pressure off

If you are not comfortable wearing reusable period pads out and about that’s not a problem, we know that change takes time. Even if you choose to just wear them at home you’ll still be making a positive impact on your personal and planetary health. Who knows, after time you may gain the confidence to start wearing them out and about.

This change is something you need to do your own way. Please don’t be looking at reusable pads thinking it’s going to be difficult. That it involves a massive investment. Or that you’re going to have to buy 12 pads… just start slow. Purchase a couple. Phase them in and get used to reusable period pads at your own pace.

It’s all about the design

The Out and About Bag has 2 individual sections, one side labelled ‘Wear Me’ and the other labelled ‘Wash Me’. It has a zip across the top and poppers on the side making a secure seal and a size reducing option.

We use a washable, waterproof fabric to ensure it stands up to the job it’s been created for. You can even pop the bag in your machine for a freshen up. Simply make sure to take your pads out of the bag first, then throw it in on a wash (up to 40°) and it will be as good as new.

Wear 'em Out reusable Period Sanitary Pads

The bag is available in three designs; The Wear ’em Out Original, Ocean Wave and The Fierce Collection. Then there’s the option to buy it individually, or you can get it as a freebie when you go for one of our Pick and Mix packs. We’re all about giving you choices!

How it works when you’re on the go

Imagine you’re heading to the office, to school or for a day out with friends. Before you leave you’ll take your clean pads, fold them up and drop them into the ‘Wear Me’ section.

Then when it’s time to change your pad you’re going to take it off and, if you have access to a sink, rinse it under cold water, squeeze it out and put it into the ‘Wash Me’ section ready for washing when you get home later. If you don’t have access to a sink it’s not vital that you do rinse it. Many of our customers report that they don’t rinse their pads at all when they’re out and about, simply for ease.

And you don’t need to worry about the bag itself either, because it’s made from waterproof fabric it won’t leak through. It’s small and discreet and will fit easily into most handbags. 

Oh and you may not even need to change your reusable period pads as often as you think…

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