Champion Chanzige Charity
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Champion Chanzige Charity

Champion Chanzige is a non-profit organisation based in East Grinstead, Sussex. The overarching aim of the organisation is to make sustainable changes to the lives of children attending primary and secondary schools in the Kisaware district of Tanzania. To date, specific projects have provided two refurbished school libraries and six classrooms, four drinking water storage systems that service three schools, educational resources such as library books in Kiswahili and English, computers that facilitate access to e-learning resources, ecological workshops that provide schools with the means and education to create kitchen gardens or small chicken farms and menstrual hygiene workshops. The latter workshops focus on reproductive health education and how best to manage menstruation to ensure the maximum attendance at school.

Registered Charity No: 1164402

How can you help?

For every Starter Kit bought, we donate 5% of the profits to Champion Chanzige. This money enables them to hold workshops in schools in Tanzania covering such topics as: child marriage, child pregnancy, gender equality and menstrual hygiene 

 We also support the charity by offering a *’Gift a Pad’ option on the website where you can gift a pad/s for young women in Tanzania, who often have no access to period protection meaning that they may miss a week of school at a time.

The pads that are donated are put together in packs of 3 pads (2 x Medium Flo, 1 x Mega Flo) per person and distributed by Champion Chanzige to every young woman, who attends the workshops

If you don’t want/need a Starter Kit but still want to help, fear not, you can donate a pad (or pads) to the charity via our website

*please note that our Gift a Pad donations are currently being sent to UK refugee camps