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Calling all Tampon wearers

We’ve done it! We’ve added a menstrual cup to our reusable period protection range. A new Wear ‘em Out product to appeal to all you tampon wearers out there who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative that – unlike Tampons – won’t sit in landfill  for up to 800 years, or worse still, bob up to you on your sea deep.

With up to 4.8 pieces of menstrual waste being found per 100m of British beaches being cleaned it’s defiantly a possibility as 2 billon menstrual products are being flushed per year in Britain alone!

But it’s not just the environment we need to consider, Women’s Voices have reported up to 3,000 harmful chemicals that are being added to our disposable menstrual products, and having a hugely negative impact on our hormonal health (you can read more on that here

Our customers are already reviewing it with one of our Instagram followers naming it ‘the smoothest cup on the market’, we’ll take that!

The Wear ’em Out Period Cup is soft and flexible and moulds to fit the user’s shape. It can be worn for up to eight hours, is safe to use while sleeping, and helpfully comes in two sizes. 

With a number of products already on the market, we’ve taken time to do our research on menstrual cups and have come up with a product that we feel is premium to other designs on the market when it comes to comfort, durability and value for money.

Need more convincing?  It’s made from 100% medical grade silicon – which means its naturally non-toxic, odour free and helps maintain natural PH levels. It’s also hypoallergenic and chemical free. The Wear ‘em Out cup lasts up to five years, costs £20 and can bought via the shop on our website. 

Not only are the Wear ‘em Out cups more environmentally friendly than disposable tampons and other period products, but they also save the user money in the long run. Research shows that women and people that period typically spend around £10 every time they have a cycle. With the cup, one is enough as it can be rinsed after each use and reinserted. This saves you up to £600 for the 5 year  lifetime of our period cup, eradicating the need to keep buying throw away period products. Nice, ay!

And if you’re looking to save even more money and wanted some of our Mini Flo reusable pads to back it up for peace of mind about any unlikely leaking, you can grab yourself a money saving bundle when you buy the Period Cup & Everyday Freshness Pack

Have you ever considered trying a period cup? 

Or do you have any questions about the period cup that I could help you with? 

Speak soon, Lauren x

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