lady sat tired at desk

Top 5 tips for managing period brain fog

according to our research, over 60% of women and people that period are feeling it, reporting that their daily lives are impacted due to periods affecting concentration and sleep patterns.

Our survey also found a quarter (25.3%) of us struggle with our sleep during our period. Many of us find sleeping difficult and are restless or repeatedly wake up and struggle to get comfortable.

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Row of tampons

Calling all Tampon wearers

We’ve done it! We’ve added a cup to our reusable period protection range. A new Wear ‘em Out product to appeal to all you tampon wearers out there who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative.

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wear 'em out reusable period pads

Why do our customers choose Wear ’em Out period pads?

Did you know that nearly 90% ‘of our customers would recommend Wear em’ Out pads to a friend? This makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

But why would they? What makes us so special? So we asked our lovely customers why they choose to use Wear ‘em Out products, and they said:

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