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Best period pain relief methods: our customers share their tips

How do you feel when you’re on your period? Bloated, achy? Foggy and find it hard to concentrate? Headache, cramps, stomach pain? It’s not great when that time of month hits.

There is no silver bullet to make the discomfort and inconvenience of periods disappear. We’re working on it – promise! So in the meantime, we asked our lovely customers what do they and use to help ease the suffering. Afterall, a problem shared is a problem halved, right? 

It seems the tried and tested methods are still the most popular choices, so while what you’re about to read isn’t revolutionary (soz), we thought we should share the results in the hope that it might make us all feel a bit better. You know, some reassurance that we’re all in good company. 

Interestingly, when we asked customers what they found to be the most effective way to ease period pain, the results showed that homeopathy methods are still a really popular choice. Our survey found that 42% of us use a hot water bottle, while 22.8% of us run ourselves a nice hot bath.

Eight per cent used heat patches. According to research, the heat in these methods helps relax the muscles of the uterus. This increases blood flow and ultimately helps ease pain.

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It also seems we’re not adverse to taking a pill to help us feel better. 41.2% of customers use paracetamol while 36.4% use Ibuprofen. Aspirin came in as the least favoured pain relief with just 7.6% of us using this, the same percentage of users that use Feminax. Taking medication works by blocking the production of certain chemicals in the body that cause the pain. Ibuprofen is also an anti-inflammatory which can help to reduce cramps.

For the more energised among us, 13% of you lovely people said you use exercise to help ease the pain. Either going for a run, doing some HIIT, a bit of yoga and stretching or something else. Research from FitrWomen found that exercise can reduce symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. In a survey of 14,000 women & people who period, 78% found exercise helped stomach cramps, breast pain and most other complaints. FitrWomen’s research found that doing moderate intensity exercise was the most effective way of combating symptoms.

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The level of discomfort amongst women & people who period varies greatly. For some, it is bearable, albeit a bit annoying. For others, particularly sufferers of endometriosis, it can be utterly debilitating, causing discomfort for quite a few days. 87.5% of Wear ‘em Out customers with endometriosis said that using reusable period pads helped with pain management. 

Our customers tell us that wearing our reusable products makes everything feel a little bit better. With less chemicals and toxins than our disposable, throw-away, fiends, the products actually make users feel better. In fact, nearly 40% of Wear ‘em Out users said they chose to wear our products for the comfort of them. You heard it here people!

So while we can’t take the discomfort and inconvenience of periods away. It seems we can make things a little better by providing the best reusable period products that many can buy (in our humble opinion ;-)).

Head over to our shop and take a look.

And  if you care to share your top period pain tips please drop them in the comments section 

Until next time, Lauren x

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