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7 Questions With….

Welcome to our 7 Questions blog, each post will feature a woman and her 7 honest answers to our 7 (fairly intimate) questions

It’s a chance for us all to be reminded that ALL women have challenges and insecurities, even the ones who look like they’re killing it

Name: Suzy

Age: 40

Lives: Mexico

1 – How do you deal with overwhelm?

Brain dumps. I get everything out of my mind and onto paper, then I choose what are the real priorities, this is different from looking at what is important because everything is important right? So what will actually f everything up if I don’t do it and what is just a nice to have.

2 – Do you do what makes YOU happy or others?

90% I eradicate the things I do that don’t make me happy, but I am just doing to be liked. I’m working on getting that to 100%. 

3 – What gives you confidence when you need it most

Remembering that I am fully supported and failure is a story in mind that has the capacity to serve me or hinder me depending on the meaning I choose to give it.

4 – When someone tells you that you look nice or an outfit looks good, how do you reply

Thank you. 

5 – What is your favourite failure

Failure to be there for my mum when she was dying. This monumental error brought a whole new level of consciousness to who I choose to be in the world. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

6 – What 1 eco switch have you recently made

I have an aluminium water bottle so I fill up at home and take it with me as much as possible.

7 – One piece of advice you want to pass on to another woman

Same advice that I give to everyone faith plus action equals miracles. 

It all starts with believing you can have and are worthy of receiving your desires. Then you have to do shit, take risks make consistent and continuous leaps of action and from that action comes the results you desire and often so much more.

Thanks so much for reading, please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or recommend anyone who you’d love to see answer these questions

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