5 ways to a happier period

Are your periods really heavy?

Is your PMT off the scale?

Are your cravings out of control?

Is your cycle all out of whack?

Do you feel as though your period is quite literally a curse?

Babe, your periods shouldn’t be this crappy am I’m calling BS on our sub-standard period education

It’s time we got ourselves empowered and educated in all things period so that we can help our periods to make rag week a little happier

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I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned about periods, some ‘fun’ period facts, how you can make your period work for you rather than against you, the outside influences that are having a direct impact on your mood and your flow and the changes we can make to support us.

Plus, I’ll be sharing tones of resources that will help you get some control over the situation, and go deeper into your understanding, information is power, you don’t need to suffer and I don’t want you to suffer so let’s get you sorted ASAP