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3 ways to save money whilst still being sustainable

At a time where we’re all looking to save money, it can be easy to take our eye of the sustainable ball. Here’s 3 ways on how to save money and be sustainable

The cost of living prices are hitting us all HARD right now, belts are being tightened, I’ve found myself cutting back to the point where I’ll happily have all my shopping thrown at me from a great height at the Aldi checkout rather than pay the prices of a Tesco shop

And of course the price of energy has us all reaching for our indoor gilets, slipper boots (quite the look), while always keeping one eye on the thermostat making sure that it never goes above 20 degrees even though it’s minus figures outside

money saving ideas

With this in mind it can be really easy to think that you can’t live as sustainably as you’d like to – me either, no shame – but, you can choose a few selected items that will still make an impact on the planet, and your eco-guilts, here’s my top 3 ideas on where to save while making valuable eco swaps

(Forgive me but obvs I’m gonna say reusable period pads first, let’s get it out the way so we can focus on other eco-wins)

Quick sum, an Always Normal pad will cost you 12p per wear (and cost the planet far more), one of our Medium Flo pads would cost you around 0.06p per wear over it’s lifetime

That sum is based on one of our Medium Flo reusable period pads costs £9.50 and lasts 3 (+ years but for this example we’ll say 3), you may wear this pad at least 4 times every month, so that’s 48 wears (min) over a year, cost per wear for 3 years is 0.06p per wear over 3 years (and this is a really conservative estimate)⁠

When you run the numbers it makes perfect sense that you’d choose to invest in reusables, but, how can we make that switch more finically accessible?

I want to make that switch as easy as possible on your budgets so here’s how you can get your hands on Wear ’em Out, and Wear ’em Out on your vulva (and babes, trust me when I say, your vuvla will thank you for it) on a budget

Reusable period pads
  1. Sign-up to my email list and get 10% off your first order
  2. Use the Clearpay option at checkout, interest free monthly instalments
  3. Buy the Pick & Mix in our Original Print, this kit of 12 personalised pads is currently on sale offering 15% off ALL pads and comes with a free Storage bag AND free UK shipping

Or of course another option is to buy them one at a time, just grow your stock with 1 pad a month, within a year you’ll have a full  stock that will see you through the next 3+ years, maybe take part in our #onepadchallenge and keep thinks simple, find out more about that challenge here

Some other ideas you could try are to meal plan so you can create a shopping list that won’t leave you any food waste,

Pinterest is a great place to find meal plan ideas, I’ve just brought a fab book from Sarah Rossi, it’s ‘Fuss Free Family Food in Under 30 Minutes’, it even has 10 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists, it’s genius! If you want to save further, you could get Sarah’s recipes direct from her blog Taming Twins (her Instagram is BRILLIANT)

And I have to share my new favourite eco-find, it’s a brand called Purdy & Fig and they’ve created a cleaner that does it all called counter clean, it saves on buying multiple cleaning bottles, one for each cleaning job, it smells divine and   ‘can be used on all surfaces, including softer surfaces like aluminium, wood, stone or any other porous surface’

If you’re interested in how you can save more money and be sustainable too, here’s a great blog called ‘Green Guide to Save Money and the Planet’ from Everyday Green

If you have any cost saving eco ideas you’d like to share, drop them in the comments, I’d love to find out more

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